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Blending Technology Into Our Baseball Training Programs

All our pitching programs are built on a foundation of superior training technology. We use TrackMan technology to measure your biomechanics as you pitch. The sensor system captures spine rate, velocity, vertical and horizontal movement, release height, and more. By using TrackMan to measure your pitching technique at the granular level, we can find your problem areas and deliver ultra-specific solutions.

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TrackMan Baseball: The Most Advanced Radar Tracking System Available

Used by All Professional Teams in the United States and Japan
The Global Leader in Baseball Radar Tracking
A Key Technology for the Top D1 Programs Across the Nation


The Other Technologies That Power Us

State-of-the-Art 4D Motion System: Our six-sensor system analyzes your pitching delivery by measuring your hip angle, shoulder plane angle, kinetic chain sequencing, angular velocity, and more. We critique your biomechanics through a second-by-second play of your delivery.

HumanTrak Movement Analysis System: The 3D camera and internal measurement unit sensors evaluate your range of motion, mobility, compression forces, and other patterns to identify deficiencies. The software provides a PDF of your end range of motion so you can improve your movement patterns.

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